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Santa Silhouette Light Fitted with 20 Bulbs

Santa Silhouette Light Fitted with 20 Bulbs

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Silhouette Light Fitted with 20 Bulbs

For indoor use only.
1.5m cable length from plug to display.
Approximate size: Width 27cm x Height 45cm
Normal bulbs: Replaceable “push-in” 12V/0.82W
Fused bulbs: Replaceable “push-in” 10.5V/0.71W
Rated Voltage and Wattage: 220-240V AC 50Hz 16.3W
The plug supplied and fitted to this light set conforms to European Standards
-         13amp Protected by a 3amp fuse
-         Double insulated cord
Using your new indoor light
Carefully remove the light from the display packaging and unravel the cable taking care not to stretch or damage the lights. When choosing a location for your lights, you should make sure that the socket you decide to use is close enough to the area you wish to decorate and that the cable will reach without becoming an obstacle or hazard.
Remember! this window light can only be used as an indoor decoration and under no circumstances should be used outdoors. The light set uses “push-in” replaceable bulbs and has been designed so that under normal conditions, if a bulb fails the remaining bulbs will continue to work provided to the defective bulb is otherwise undamaged and is securely fitted. Failure to light this set is probably due to the failure of the fuse bulb, which should be replaced immediately. Also check the fuse inside the 3 Pin plug if the light fail to work. Before using this set, check that all the bulbs are fitted and are secure in their holders.
For your safety
  • Do not operate in packaging.
  • This light set is for indoor use only.
  • Do not twist or attempt to screw in the “push-in” bulbs.
  • Do not insert or remove bulbs when the lights are connected to the mains supply.
  • Avoid use in damp or moist conditions.
  • Do not connect this chain electrically to another chain.
  • Disconnect from the mains supply when not is use or unattended for long periods.
  • Do not allow any part to come into contact with excessive heat or naked flames.
  • Ensure that the bulbs are not covered by decorations and ensure adequate airflow around each bulb.
  • Do not use unless all bulbs are fitted and working.
  • Do not replace a fuse bulb with a “non-fused” bulb. (The fuse bulb can be identified by its white tip.)
  • Avoid the risk of overheating by replacing faulty bulbs immediately.
  • Avoid damage to the wiring. Do not use if insulation has been damaged.
  •  If the insulation or wiring has been damaged you must discard the light set.
  • THIS IS NOT A TOY, keep away from small children and pets.

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